Downloader Released 2020-03-09
Restore compatibility with Windows VISTA

- 0013852: [Bug] Restore Compatibility with Windows Vista

Downloader Released 2020-02-21
Fix automatic installer on old windows versions

- 0013847: [Bug] Auto updater fail on some old version of windows

Downloader Released 2020-01-22
Improve support for subtitles (make them compatible with Windows 10 Photos App)

- 0013821: [Bug] Downloaded subtiltes won't play on all supports

Downloader Released 2019-11-27
Fix engine updater issue and update download engine

- 0013806: [Bug] [ENGINE UPDATE] extraction motor update won't start (privilege?)

Downloader Released 2019-11-14
Download engine and translation updates

- 0013747: [Bug] [VSORep] disabled emails appears on the pre-filled box
- 0013768: [Bug] [VSORep] closed ticket if we cannot retrieve the status
- 0013791: [Suggestion] [HELP MENU] Change "Report a bug" to "Support Center" + icon

Downloader Released 2019-10-02
Upgrade bug reporting tools

- 0013690: [Bug] Remove VSO Media Player as long as it isn't updated
- 0013706: [Suggestion] Tick by default HTTPS detection
- 0013712: [Suggestion] change the Downloader icon to the clean one
- 0013714: [Bug] All VSO products not opening for no obvious reason
- 0013720: [Feature Request] VSO Reporting Tool is not user-friendly.
- 0013759: [Bug] [VSO Rep] Re-Install not working

Downloader Released 2019-06-25
Autodetection feature fixed for older computer

- 0013632: [Bug] Downloader doesn't detect video on Firefox if installed on a fresh window 10 installation
- 0013633: [Bug] Secure HTTPS support doesn't work
- 0013635: [Bug] Autodetection no longer work

Downloader Released 2019-03-21
Improved automatic updating system

- 0013620: [Bug] International support / langage issue
- 0013623: [Unsupported file/stream format] Unsupported site: BING Video
- 0013625: [Bug] XP compatibility
- 0013626: [Bug] Better support of recent Firefox version
- 0013627: [Bug] Issue with installation of redistributable C runtime libraries.

Downloader Released 2018-12-04
Skin engine update, 1 click update engine

- 0013151: [Suggestion] maybe improve message about Visual C++ x86
- 0013553: [Bug] Conflicting OpenSSL dll disturb Downloader and prevent it from operating
- 0013578: [Feature Request] Visual Appearence: Update to Alphaskin 14
- 0013593: [Bug] Downloader fail to load with exception about OpenSSL
- 0013614: [Feature Request] Unsupported site: putlockers
- 0013619: [Feature Request] Automatic update of extraction engine

Downloader Released 2018-09-12
Restore support of some sites

- 0013554: [Bug] Unsupported site:
- 0013569: [Bug] Partially unsupported site: Youtube

Downloader Released 2018-06-20
BBC Iplayer support restored

- 0010127: [Bug] support for BBC iPlayer is broken
- 0012360: [Bug] Programmes from not supported
- 0012579: [Feature Request] support
- 0012630: [Bug] copy paste of url doesnt always work
- 0012664: [Bug] no auto detection with IE of some BBC content
- 0012680: [Bug] stream wanted not detected by downloader only extra fragments downloaded with bbc iplayer
- 0012682: [Bug] bbc sport - download error
- 0012818: [Bug] download completed with error
- 0013341: [Feature Request] Trying to download from bbc iplayer
- 0013483: [Bug] BBC iPlayer: Long radio program are not downloaded in full
- 0013527: [Bug] videos won't download if links entered manually
- 0013528: [Bug] Site unsupported . Video are not downloaded in full
- 0013534: [Crash] Scaler crash
- 0013538: [Bug] BBC Iplayer is Unsupported
- 0013540: [Feature Request] Add checkmark to keep automatic detection off when switching to manual download
- 0013545: [Feature Request] Add computer revocation mechanism for licensee

Downloader Released 2018-04-18
Fix re-encoding issue

- 0013478: [Bug] Produced video/audio has glitches, encoding stop before the end

VSO Downloader - Released October 20th 2017

- 0013330: [Bug] Audio without video during 4 seconds at the beginning of the video
- 0013309: [Bug] dailymotion support in downloader is broken

VSO Downloader - Released August 9th 2017

Fix hls video detection issue

0013254: [Bug] Videos from Yupp.Tv no longer detected

VSO Downloader - Released August 08th 2017

Solves interface issues

0013245: [Bug] Incorrect rendering of speed information
0013252: [Bug] File name edition no longer operate

VSO Downloader - Released August 03rd 2017

- 0012935: [Feature Request] support latest version of Chrome, i.e. fixes problem "Your connection is not private" => provide work a around for users with l (wesson)

VSO Downloader - Released June 27th 2017

- extraction update 2017.06.25
- languages update

VSO Downloader - Released June 14th 2017

- 0013098: add a setting to sync manually extraction engine
- extraction update 2017.06.12
- languages update

VSO Downloader - Released May 31st 2017

- 0011871: support automatically
- 0013057: HTTP chunker support
- 0012954: download error from particular site
- 0013054: media not correctly played if VMP is not installed
- 0013063: BBC support with Internet Explorer
- 0013008: - add to ad list
- languages update

VSO Downloader - Released May 29th 2017

- extraction update 2017.05.29
- languages update

VSO Downloader - Released May 23rd 2017

- HLS support update
- 0013032: support for
- languages update

VSO Downloader - Released May 11th 2017

- 0012981: Add new updater functionality
- extraction update 2017.05.09
- languages update

VSO Downloader - Released May 05th 2017

- 0012948: exe does not have valid Digital Signature
- languages update

VSO Downloader - Released May 2nd2017
- 0012934: provide work a around for users with latest version of Chrome: getting the problem "Your connection is not private"
- fixes support for Youtube / extraction update: 2017.05.01
- languages update

VSO Downloader - Released April 21th 2017
- on open a file downloads with error - resolved

VSO Downloader - Released April 20th 2017
- 0012894: support for
- extraction update: 2017.04.17
- languages update

VSO Downloader - Released March 29th 2017

- problem related to setting reinitialized is solved

VSO Downloader - Released March 27th 2017

- 0012811: crash with generic dialog
- extraction updated: 2017.03.26
- 0012812: start item in the download queue manually
(check validity of settings (ie. dialog crash compatibility))
- languages update

VSO Downloader - Released March 27th 2017

- 0012759: [Bug] file downloads with error ("ERROR: Could not write header for output file #0 (incorrect codec parameters ?) (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0012780: [Information] improve speed of audio normalization (felicia) - resolved.
- 0012766: [Feature Request] Remember log form position & size (felicia) - resolved.
- languages update

VSO Downloader - Released March 08th 2017
- 0012716: Auto rename duplicate file after conversion
- 0012706: add option: do not archive downloads
- online registration update
- languages update

VSO Downloader - Released March 03rd 2017
- 0012705: facebook support
- 0012692: referrer title not detected
- 0012703: duplicate file regression
- languages update

VSO Downloader - Released February 28th 2017
- 0012616: no detection for some videos 1st time loaded - an Embedded YouTube video play in a custom player
- 0012688: direct download extension not correctly detected
- extraction update: 2017.02.27
- online registration update
- languages update

VSO Downloader - Released February 16th 2017
- 0012602: [Feature Request] auto sort items when a new download is added (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0012599: [Bug] "ctrl a" does not work when editing name of item in treeview (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0012598: [Bug] some music downloaded with extension being ext rather than mp3 (benjamin) - resolved.
- extraction update: 2017.02.16
- online registration updated
- languages update

Downloader - 
- 0012586: [Information] navigate using arrows in global settings does not update display in left panel (felicia) - resolved.

VSO Downloader - Released February 2nd 2017
- fixed false detection of key in clipboard

VSO Downloader - Released February 1st 2017
- 0012545: [Bug] download error with youtube (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0012554: [Bug] reload items improvement (benjamin) - resolved.

VSO Downloader - Released January 30th 2017
- conversion fixed

VSO Downloader - Released January 20th 2017
- 0012361: files are not always correctly renamed with youtube videos
- 0012486: Improve Url Decoding for file name

VSO Downloader - Released January 17th 2017

- 0012388: [Bug] downloads with error from specific site (benjamin) - resolved.

Downloader -
- 0012386: [Bug] file downloads but does not play as extention of file is "ext" rather than "mp4" (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0012379: [Bug] download error with some youtube videos (benjamin) - resolved.

Downloader -
- 0012371: [Feature Request] add option button in the log form to export and manage log (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0012372: [Feature Request] discard detection from (benjamin) - resolved.

Downloader - 
- 0012361: [Bug] files are not always correctly renamed with youtube videos (benjamin) - resolved.

Downloader - 
- 0012326: [Bug] Fail to detect video (source: VIMEO) (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0012345: [Feature Request] disable the “direct download” (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0012211: [Feature Request] when renaming automatically convert / to - (to work around Windows file naming rules) (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0012342: [Bug] files are detected with good name, but after finalization are named to a numerical value (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0012350: [Bug] facebook: downloads files as fragements that are not playable (benjamin) - resolved.

Downloader - 
- 0012334: [Bug] do not download extra fragments from Vimeo (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0012332: [Bug] UI not fully repaint if loaded from a maximized form (benjamin) - resolved.

Downloader - 
- 0012311: [Bug] google 3rd party tools compatible with SSL proxy (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0012302: [Bug] W10: default output folder do not have enough privilege to write (benjamin) - resolved.

VSO Downloader - Released December 12th 2016
- 0012297: stop forcing to install at least one network driver
- 0012298: Extra download: skip unavailable fragments
- Spanish fully synchronized
- languages update

VSO Downloader - Released December 08th 2016
- 0012293: not detected
- 0012294: invalid path of 3rd party tool
- 0012295: Decode Html charset fallback
- languages update

VSO Downloader - Released December 7th 2016

- 0012284: disable auto switch on virtual proxy driver
- 0012287: update/add mime entries
- 0012285: HDS manifest : improve extraction of base URL
- 0012286: analyze JSON manifest
- 0012283: discard download coming from Windows system
- languages update

VSO Downloader - Released November 30th 2016

- 0011976: vimeo issue
- 0011323: IP channel
- 0012272: china flag is missing
- 0012281: do not intercept HTTPS traffic coming from
- languages update

VSO Downloader - Released November 23rd 2016

- HTTPS support
- New sites supported
- History added (File > History)
- Auto file renaming improved

- User interface updated / Better theme support (interface color/design)
- All languages updated

Change log
- 0012266: display unsupported protocol in the interface (ie. RTMPE)
- 0012267: speed up dissection of JSON communication
- languages update

Change log
- 0012248: 3rd party tool compatibility with unreachable server and time out
- 0012264: SSL compatibility with Itunes
- 0012253: unsupported HDS error
- 0012254: app not closed at the 1st time
- 0012263: add Woff extension to ignored list
- minor UI update
- languages update

Change log
- 0012113: proxy error message with Edge
- 0012121: SSL error with 3rd party tool
- 0012246: UI not fully repaint when loading it in maximized position
- 0012247: do not inspect Windows updates and exchange
- SSL: support of Firefox for each profile
- languages update

Change log
- 0012234: check empty IPv6 payload length
- 0012230: add .dat extension to the ignore list
- 0012233: compute best thumb after download if empty
- 0012231: cannot inspect NICs if inspection is stopped
- log.visualizer: HTML export added
- languages update

Change log
- 0012205: duplicate filter: do not check URL protocol
- 0012206: reinitialize SSL support before to start detection
- languages updated
- 0012099: detect more stream automatically instead of having to use manual download with copy paste of URL (when with automatic detection download does not work, inject streaming content automatically using "download from url" method)
- 0012193: auto resize about & expired forms
- languages update

Change log
- process checker synchronized v
- languages updated

Change log
- 0012154: lock screen when session is closed or shutting down and display a message explaining to close the app manually
- 0012152: selected item of conversion profile not translated
- 0012155: no audio on some merges
- languages update

Change log
- 0012151: check installation of Visual C++ 2010 x86 for 3rd party tool compatibility (msvcr100 removed)
- 0012144: unable to play video from app after download
- Chinese added / languages update / translations tags in source code updated

Change log
- 0012138: Display Ultimate in about form if the version has been purchased
- 0012139: discard Windows updates
- translations update

Change log
- 0012108: create a release profile for customer needing to log more information
- 0012107: add link to forum in case user has problems with HTTPS
- 0012109: In detection menu add an option to reinstall the SSL certificates
- 0012110: Installer: disable startup prompt
- translations update

Change log
- 0012096: When commercial/purchased license is entered in software hide "get utlimate version" in help menu
- 0012097: mp3 profile always selected by default even if changed in default settings
- installer: Display welcome page
- translations update

Change log
* Fix interface issue (button size too small)
* Reworked expiration computation with commercial license
* Online registration with email: fix email catcher regular expression
* 0012088: Init merger if 3rd party tool restarted
* online registration: translations update

Change log
- 0012077: some files only audio download not video
- Dutch updated

Change log
- update / licensing system: Full support of affiliation, retro-compatible with previous versions
- all languages synchronized with Database
- Dutch, Polisch, French updated

Change log
- activate/registration improvements (warn update that is available requires license to be renewed and in other cases display download link for version that corresponds with license key)
- Fix display button issue on registration dialog.
- translations updated, cleaned and tagged by category

Change log
- activate/registration bugs fixed (older key recognition + some current keys not recognized-> hardware optim)
- languages updated

Change log
- online registration updates
- 0012035: conversion profile not initialized

Change log
- 0011969: cannot update windows with HTTPS support activated
- 0011688: display conversion profile selected per item in treeview
- 0011955: Inform of limited 50% in download bar
- 0011968: installer: directory page available for updates
- 0011666: number of simultaneous downloads not respected if uncheck option "start download automatically"
- 0011996: working folder not always cleaned
- 0011998: if 3rd party tool reports an error add it in red at the root level in the log
- 0011956: warn user when not a lot of disk space left
- 0011999: check status code when 3rd party tool requested
- 0012000: add option to keep converted file and default conversion profile in the settings
- 0012001: stats more responsive
- 0012022: update link "protocol not supported"
- 0012015: restarting download with 3rd party tool during download results in item becoming in white in interface
- 0012027: remove dependencies of history
- 0012026: Network adapter inspection: merge internal & drivers stats
- 0012019: status not updated if 3rd party tool stopped manually
- 0011995: enhance vimeo file name
- 0012018: merger of 3rd party tool not reinitialized when restarting download
- 3rd party tool updated
- 0011997: only display social network popup if at least one download has been successfully done

Change log
- registration not working, registered commercial versions were still limited at 50%
- updater not working
- 0011875: Cannot get elevation if protection option is not unchecked on XP
- 0011878: max windows file path error
- 0011877: ultimate form: enter key button auto select edit form
- 3rd party tool sync
- belgium, bolivian, brazilian, italian updated
- Files sometimes being downloaded with 50% limitation when using a registered commercial license
- App freezing on launch
- Check for updated window not giving pertinant information
- Auto resize button of trial email form

Change log from --->
- 0011832: crash when closing internal preview
- 0011833: Add TTF to ignored extension
- 0011834: Clean stat when part is restarting download
- auto resize buttons
- auto enhanced doc name of several hosters
- auto update license status if item is redownloaded
- vimeo support update
- about infos updated
- fix preview issue when closing it
- change loading order
- ask trial email update
- token compatible with new & reloaded items
- Advanced limitation fixed
- 0011711: come back to old behavior when deleting a downloaded file "remember my last selection as to if source is also deleted"
- debug preview integration wip...
- advanced download takes into account for request use
- advanced protocol info added in item's log
- proxy removed from drivers list
- 0011440: rename "good quality" to "low quality" for mp3 40kbps
- auto detect certificate upgrade updated
- send stat setting added
- wait finish process when closing app decreased to 2 seconds
- watermark checked first
- streaming player available in debug
- audio profile limitation updated
- 0011712: 50% limitation on vimeo makes it so downloaded 50% does not play
- 0011733: create "proxy" section in settings and in that add "clear" button and add proxy cache option
- 0011440: rename "good quality" to "low quality" for mp3 40kbps
- reload of converted streams fixed
- detection of streams loaded by JSON accelerated
- online registration update
- updater fixed
- prevent windows issue with proxy service after hard shutdown
- proxy compatibility with hibernate mode
- on Pcap error do not restart anymore the driver
- archive item update
- external log group merged with setting one
- controller: history issue when file converted fixed
- prevent windows issue with proxy service after hard shutdown
- proxy compatibility with deep sleep
- on Pcap error do not restart anymore the driver
0011697: download url function - only if urls entered and not found do you display pop up dialogue
0011613: improve "download url" window
0011681: large fonts display problem
0011580: glitch in audio when files converted
0011555: when converting only and when stop stream detection - do not display warning about stopping a live recording
0011380: v5.0.0.39 ßeta: Running download makes Firefox v45.0.2 have Insecure Connection Issue
0011048: renaming download cannot be validated by clicking on stream
0011118: add audio normalization feature
0011063: Revert Internet traffic proxyfication if VSO Downloader is no longer running
- merge state takes into account in the conversion queue
- proxy queries from localhost updated
- 3rd party tool integrated
- converter normalization sync with Cedric
- merger remux improved
- check if shutdown has been requested before to display social network form
- SHA2 certificate compatibility update
- restore proxy settings if shutdown has been requested
- audio bitrate detection update
- Google video detection and duplicate improved
- proxy process checker checked every seconds
- prevent multi instances to overwrite proxy settings
- duplicate IP channel discarded
- UI: item(s) selection updated
- auto enhance Youtube file name
- fix conversion name if file has been renamed after download
- once downloaded item is added into history and removed from file to be reloaded
- HTTP recording value updated
- proxy process checker functional
- restore user proxy configuration
- updater disable in release mode
- secure streams stored in a ini file
- restores original proxy settings when app closes or detection is disabled
- SSL server packet limit based on NIC MTU
- orphan folder clean fixed (deleted files after download when they should not be)
- Add 3.5 Gb flag in PE
- Fix stream access issue (detection of rip termination improved)
- max simultaneous conversions setting added
- new updater integrated
- merger multi stream updates the selected container / priority of containers fixed
- when closing application: processing and finalizing items update
- live recorder save compatibility update
- also delete real file setting set to false by default
- HTTP accelerator: reload update
- IP channel updated for Youtube support (fully available with license key)
- IP channel updated for Youtube support
- multi stream merger looks for best container
- load error state added
- Opus support
- uninstall Winpcap before to reinstall it if it is not up to date
- theme effects disable
- license file support
Certificate installer
- uninstall support
- paths based on root folder
- Windows certutil added
- certificate installer: Do not check elevation during certificate installation if not required
- SSL deployment: logs verbosed
- IP channel duplicates updated
- controller delete safer
- SLL deployment updated for XP compatibility
- support of ASN name as mandated by RFC3280
- proxy.socket_relay.pas: support of non HTTPS header
- copy paste fixed when renaming downloads
- SSL certificate deployment update
- detection of duplicate download improved
- ffmpeg DDLs updated to version 338
- download states save thread safe
- auto rename updated to support URL characters
- OpeenCL.dll removed
- swresample.dll removed
- Dutch updated
- VSO downloader doesn't start after last Nvidia drivers update
- SSL deployment safer
- HTTPS support activated
- IP channel support updated for SSL compatibility
- HTTP accelarator update
- RTMP downloader update
- port SMTPS, MSA, POPS discarded
- temporary working folder unified (auto clean if needed after relaunch)
- history sync with V5 UI
- installer: Winpcap not mandatory
- SSL certificate privilege fixed
- SSL certificate UAC compatibility update
- settings: SSL support integrated / explanation added for always on top setting / new theme by default: MacMetal
- SSL certificates integration
- all downloaders synchronized on controller V5
- controller V5 update: thumber callback on stop, delete safer, resume & reload update, restart update (relocation support)
- 0010720: delete all items option do not use the remove output setting
- HTTP relocation based on rfc2616

VSO Downloader - Released December 23rd 2015
- VSO downloader doesn't start after last Nvidia drivers update

- conversion profiles translated
- Winpcap driver mandatory
- check PCAP version before to (re)install it
- RTMP downloader: reload compatible
- 0010619: do not allow empty file name
- 0010618: decode HTML entities in doc name
- history: list sorted by date, load progression added, 2x click open item, mime ico reported in UI
- Italian updated

VSO Downloader - Released November 19th 2015
- 0010599: pressing on icon to change "output folder" does nothing - does not open a window browser
- 0010598: VsoDownloader.exe doesn't have an icon (the executable contains no icons at all).
- 0010617: all forms not compatible with always on top feature
- renaming bug fixed to not allow name to be blank

VSO Downloader - Released November 13th 2015
- 0010466: open only compatible files in VSO Media player
- 0010588: manual download: fix cancel
- 0010509: auto rename file if file path is existing after reload
- 0010591: save HTTP multi parts progression
- 0010557: Add history to manage downloaded files
- 0010558: display summary information after analyzing URLs to download
- 0010552: add generic mime category
- 0010556: Download URLs: paste 2 times when using Ctrl+V keys
- 0010589: youtube manifest parser slow
- 0010553: add creation date and content length in media serialization for reload improvement
- 0010509: auto rename file if file path is existing after reload
- 0010510: keep media information in history
- 0010554: make read only compatible the media info for history compatibility
- 0010590: save and load need optimization
- 0010586: RTMP reload compatibility
- 0010587: HDS reload compatibility
* HTTPS URLs download ready

- 0010297: Suggest to reboot if Winpcap needs it to finalize its installation (Windows 8.1 and up)
- 0010284: The current process has used all of its system allowance of handles for Window Manager objects
- 0010137: unfinished downloads are not picked back up when app is reopened
- 0010401: when in tray show show status of downloads and conversions
- 0010458: support direct download
- 0010460: give the possibility to download many URLs at the same time
- 0010461: import OLE HTML when pasting URLs
- 0008781: parse html code for better support of embedded youtube videos
- 0008092: better support of deleting downloads
- 0008883: if selection finished on an editable label it will enter in edit mode

VSO Downloader - Released 4th September 2015
- restart compatibility of HDS & Lumberjack downloaders
- clean of download finish on error fixed
- overral bit rate added in media information
- all media information and stat reported in log after download
- stat manager more accurate
- download finalization cleaned
- media information form simplified
- empty dialog when no driver is installed fixed
- force latest version of Winpcap to be installed for Windows 10 compatibility
- force installer to remember previous drivers selection
- Language: Dutch updated + all languages synchronized from common database

VSO Downloader - Released 31th August 2015
- 0010173: runtime error
- 0009904: no detection with firefox and proxy as proxy settings are not updated in firefox by downloader even when closed and reopened
- 0009912: a dailymotion video not supported
- 0010247: remux of h264 audio in avi output doesn't play video in vlc
- compatibility with latest version of Windows 10 fixed
- RTP stream (thumb) updated for large multi parts download
- adding confirmation action dialog when selecting proxy driver in the options
- Language updater: Brazilian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Simplified Chinese

VSO Downloader - Released June 26th 2015
- RTMP stop & converter compatibility with controller updated
- Remux setting added: disable by default
- language: Italian

VSO Downloader - Released June 12th 2015
- 0010007: [Bug] Edit node if the selection finishes on the edit zone.
- 0010008: [Bug] Cannot paste from system menu on an edited node
- Windows path compatibility update
- media information integrated
- more accurate calculation of remaining time
- file not renamed with thumber
- HTTP reload update
- downloaders finalize thread update
- more unspported media reported in the interface
- F2 to rename item
- language: Netherlands, Denmark

VSO Downloader - Released June 4th 2015
- 0009741: Troubles finalizing downloads from
- proxy solution threaded
- driver integration updated
- thumber safer

- user interface updated with better info cases of downloaded with error or on finalizing

- thumber activated for conversion
- media info performed in controller event 
- rename error with long name file fixed
- Chinese updated

- pressing play to play video when VSO Media Player not installed causes app to crash
- thumber (video thumbnail) updated/code rewritten
- HTTP extra length support improved, more sites supported

- minor interface corrections

- added VSO proxy (considered as a new driver) adds support for USB modems and 3G Keys 
- HTTP cache disabled when proxy used
- HTTP client update (more sites supported)
- AMF, HDS parser update 
- F4M detection faster 
- HLS detection improved 
- network dissector improved
- unsupported protocol information improved in UI
- conversion profiles updated with bugs corrected
- supports h265 decoding
- remux deactivated for conversion 
- odd case renaming bug fixed
- UI: display balloon hint if media already detected
- OpenSSL DLLs updated to version 1.0.
- added hint to detected streams to display media information
- software signature updated
- EVE driver unchecked for new installation
- check version while uninstalling
- Translations updated: Denmark, Netherlands, Italian, Brazilian Chinese

VSO Downloader - Released January 13th 2015
- 0009197: conversion profiles improved
- 0009195: Japanese title encoding error
- M4A conversion profile fixed
- manifest parsers updated
- audio mimes updated
- HDS limitation added
- UI delete item button fixed
- auto update of the UI while starting conversion updated
- Brazilian, Italian, Dutch updated

VSO Downloader - Released December 9th 2014
- 0008689: problem with setting "file already in requested format will not be reencoded"
- 0009085: add audio conversion profile 128 kbits/s
- 0009084: With Stop Detection applied, reverts back to Start Detection when opening then closing Settings.
- display download with error if live recorder loses packets
- conversion initialization improved
- bold font for selected items
- NIC inspection cancel improved
- support fixed
- Dutch, French, Italian, Brazilian updated
- Italian EULA updated

VSO Downloader - Released December 2nd 2014
- 0009006: do not display output files option when deleting a not completed download
- 0009005: when storage folder is not valid update for user
- 0009067: embedded medias not detected
- auto restart driver improved (sleep mode compatibility)
- basic proxy configuration added in log
- memory size of network analyzer improved
- sniffer stopped when opening Download URL form
- Item(s) deletion safer
- tray icon settings link fixed
- conversion profile: multi selection update fixed
- support of embedded Utube URL added
- Extract embedded ID of UTube improved
- detection of unsupported streams updated
- Translations updated: Brazilian and Dutch
- Winpcap is default driver

VSO Downloader - Released November 6th 2014
- 0008408: support IP channel for dailymotion live
- 0008821: prevent specific protocols to be added in the secure stream list
- 0008807: double extention with specific file
- 0008887: If seeked into streaming, the video is downloaded twice
- Danish, Dutch updated
- 0008495: must scroll to see driver selection
- 0008881: improve update
- 0008880: localized translations
- Italian, Dutch, French translations updated
- eula names unified
- history updated

VSO Downloader - Released October 30th 2014
- 0008806: move mime, ignored extentions, port monitoring, and secure stream settings to registry so a clean install really works
- 0008592: when detection is stopped per request by user, it should not start again by itself
- 0008713: add compatibility for new youtube type urls (relocation)
- 0008541: display warning window only once for youtube
- finalizing lock fixed while closing application
- file name: can be renamed by clicking on it, edit displayed on the whole line
- translation: language2 fixed in the settings
- NIC detection updated
- auto display fatal error node in log
- settings updated, quick access from top menu to setting categories
- translations updated: french and brazilian 
- some setting change place, in order to have a real clean install when user requests it

VSO Downloader - Released October 24th 2014
- 0008675: live recording - ui not updated
- 0008786: video is deleted automatically when app is closed if listed video is downloaded as a secure stream
- 0008693: remove variables from urls when downloading via copy paste method
- 0008676: conversion profile not updated correctly depending on the selected profile
- 0008788: renamer: strip invalid hexa characters
- 0008676: conversion profile not updated correctly depending on the selected profile
- language list in the settings hidden fix
- option to delete log files added
- Brazilian updated

VSO Downloader - Released September 19th 2014
- youtube discriminator updated
- youtube detection disable
- manual download UI updated
- detection hint updated
- safe themes updated (big themes not imported: 5MB saved)
- 0008353: [Feature Request] show renamed file in balloon hint when media detected
- 0008318: [Bug] access violation in log visualizer
- 0008324: [Bug] UI issue in common log form
- 0008519: [Bug] Youtube video in 3d  
- Brazilian updated

VSO Downloader - Released September 17th 2014
- manual download added (youtube support)
- Web page title renamer updated for unicode compatibility
- UI of NIC inspection updated
- default settings of HTTP downloader updated
- paste button added in manual download form
- Youtube dectection disabled (only available from new module)
- on NIC inspection error restart detection when clicking on detection icon
- utf8 support fixed for Youtube title from decoded URL
- Brazilian, Dutch, Chinese, Polish updated

VSO Downloader - Released September 1st 2014
- HTTP components upgraded
- HTTP accelerator & URL analyzer upgraded
- added to secure stream list
- <  DLL  >  added to ignored extension
- memory used by network engine improved
- Renamer from webpage title updated: all charsets & unicode characters supported
- IP channel: url range updated
- license key can be entered even if product already registered
- wrong FPS detection by decoder with vp9
- selecting profile AVI-Xvid will remux video instead of converting
- conversion error with trial
- balloon hint displayed upon ignored extension and HTTPS detection
- HTTP code 416 supported
- setting to control thumb preview added
- balloon displayed once referrer title parsed
- settings: max simultaneous job moved to download tab Installer:
- Installer translation updated: Czech, French updated

VSO Downloader - Released August 4th 2014
- 0008235: bad unicode transcription with asiatic characters - resolved
- RTMP: Invalid Byte detection updated
- F4V fragments: duration check removed
- notifies that the system has resumed from sleep or hibernation to restart network driver
- button to reset dialogs added in the settings
- UI: new icons added for radar status (stop + error)
- UI: network tab added in the settings Installer:
- DWN_People's Republic of China.ini synchronized with database
- Italian EULA updated

VSO Downloader - Released July 25th 2014
- list of ignored extensions added in settings
- secure stream warning message if non HTTP-protocol added
- psf added in ignored extensions by default
- network engine upgraded (v3)
- live recorder fully redesigned
- merger multi stream safer
- rtmp: sync with new network engine and updated for unicode
- secure stream: default list updated (groovehsark added by default)
- manual selection of adapter not saved
- EVE driver: always uninstall the previous version before to install the new one
Interface updated:
- new entry in contextual menu to add secure stream or ad to list
- auto sort all settings lists
- remaining time for recorder fixed
- some icons and categories rearranged 
- Vietnamese translation updated

- winpcap upgraded to version 4.1.3 (now fully supports Windows 8 and Server 2012)
- options to revert clean installation added (registry, application folder, cache...)
- Netherlands updated

VSO Downloader - Released May 23rd 2014

- New sites supported
- Improved support of previously supported sites
- Preview added to see what you are downloading 
- Added new audio conversion formats: FLAC and M4A 
- Auto file renaming improved

- Added tips for “how to download from YouTube”
- New sorting options of streams
- New search function added to settings 
- Better theme support (interface color/design)
- Prompt to play with VMP
- Conversion remux updated
- IP channel compatibility with WebM updated so that downloaded files always play 
- Multi stream merger improved
- IP channel delete updated
- Restart works with new protocol
- Downloading progress bar is more accurate for IP channel protocol
- ".json" added to ignored extension list
- Hds progress fixed
- Denmark & Brazilian updated
- 0008020: [Feature Request] IP channel: do not display percent progress if waiting for HD fragment
- 0008021: [Bug] more sites supported with HDS protocol
- Danish, Dutch, Vietnamese updated
- 0008000: added support for and other HDS type streaming sites
- 0008010: [Crash] HDS restart crashes
- not supported protocol updated (displayed more often in interface rather than show no detection)
- "appxbundle" added to ignored extension
- Brazilian & Netherlands updated
- merger multi stream safer (WebM)
- accurate stats
- czech, netherland updated
- 0007982: [Feature Request] display accurate speed and remaining time
- 0007977: [Feature Request] Give more information about not supported protocol
- F4M detection extended
- HDS frag length safer
- 0007936: [Information] status of % of download complete on live recording no longer exists in v4 like in v3
- 0007938: [Bug] live recording downloads with errors and cannot watch final download
- discarded port added: 53 (DNS), 547 (DHCPv6 server), 1900 (Microsoft SSDP) 
- italian, netherlands, vietnam updated
- remaining time added in interface
- delete item button added
- merger.multi_stream.pas: if unable to remux check stop flag
- & support updated
- all translations synchronized with the database
- EULA added: de, fr, pl, es
- Norwegian, Danish updated
- 0007929: [Bug] do not detect recursive fragments of multi socket 
- doc name manager fixed in RenameFileTmpToFinal()
- interface icons modified
- Vietnamese added, netherlands, french updated
- 0007922: [Bug] IP channel: new WebM association support
- 0007924: [Bug] do not start merge if item is deleted
- 0007867: [Feature Request] add option: always on top

VSO Downloader - Released February 20th 2014
Network Engine, overall better compatibility on more computers:
- new inspection of adapters
- manifest engine extended for new formats
- IPv6 total length fixed
- IP checksum offload support
- sniffer not supporting filter updated: ie. PPPOE

Download engine, overall more sites supported:
- shoutcast supported as download instead of live recording
- http status code 500 and 416 supported
- rtmp downloader updated
- ffmpeg merger: cache disable to prevent incomplete duration detection

User Interface:
- ID3 reader upgraded to generic media reader (felicia)
- auto renamer option added to compare the host of the referrer page and the downloaded one
- form for driver issues improved
- progress highlighted in recording mode

VSO Downloader - Released Decemeber 6th 2013 
- IP channel: manual relocation supported
- merger: delete compatibility updated
- EVE driver: sleep mode compatibility improved
- HTTP handles socket error 11004 when the main adapter is disconnected
- HTTP restart updated for multi streams
- themes compatibility improved (default theme changed: AutumnSky)
- latest version checked at each use
- minor issues fixed
- brazilian, czech, netherlands, french, denmark updated

VSO Downloader - Released November 27th 2013 
- auto rename improved (based on the whole socket)
- network engine synchronized with developer Wesson's code
- issue 0006840 fixed: streaming monitoring error
- issue 0007266 fixed: if user requests to download update app closes

VSO Downloader - Released November 14th 2013 
- IP channel: detection of duplicates updated, better support of FLV, more sites supported, progress bar added
- F4V merger updated
- ffmpeg merger: single fragment supported
- MP4 ISOM: HD support added
- HTTP recording updated
- network dissector updated
- firewall incompatibility updated in the UI
- UI: item's popup menu updated depending of the status

VSO Downloader - Released November 6th 2013 
- better youtube support

VSO Downloader - Released November 4th 2013 

- Lumberjack updated
- network protocol support updated

VSO Downloader - Released October 17th 2013 
- Webm IP channel supported
- detection of IP channel extension updated
- RTMPT dissector updated
- multi streams merger integrated
- MP4 merger: thread safe completed event
- RTMP completed status updated
- message box when watermark added
- apply conversion profile updated
- skin compatibility improved
- tray states updated

VSO Downloader - Released October 7th 2013 
- ffmpeg merger: FLV header checker integrated
- IP channel updated for new servers, more websites supported
- download error updated in multi fragments, was a problem for large files
- tray icon updated for themes compatibility
- UI updated for themes compatibility

VSO Downloader -
- HDS downloader & merger
- FFMPEG merger updated
- lumberjack updated
- download buffer improved
- menu Help > Get ultimate added
- minor UI improvements

VSO Downloader -
- HDS merger & dissector updated
- detection of HTTP recording end updated
- conversion selector translations fixed
- translator rules & excluded Strings updated
- conversion priority translations localized
- minor UI improvements

-check if at least 1 driver is selected
-tranlsations updated: French, Chinese, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Czech, Brazilian, Italian, Polish

VSO Downloader - Released August 26th 2013 
- accelerator added to Lumberjack
- load and resume updated
- silverlight detected as a protocol not supported
- text cropped in settings fixed
- limitation of large file fixed
- limitation in log generic
- minor issues fixed

VSO Downloader - Released August 9th 2013 
- lumberjack support integrated
- speed of live recorder merge improved
- F4V issue with multi resolution fixed
- FLV merger faster
- detection of extension improved 
- MMS mimes disable
- check empty conversion profile
- lock renaming from web page title if download does not start automatically
- does not remux with AVI container
- UI progress & length updated

VSO Downloader - Released July 31st 2013 
- new network engine supporting more sites: support of IP channel, clustering, faster...
- merger F4V integrated
- HD resolution detection improved
- RTMP updated
- ISOM fragments supported
- new User Interface (UI) themes
- converter improved, FLV conversion fixed
- extension discarded: .bdic
- file name manager updated
- minor bugs in the interface fixed
- tray icon fixed
- message added when trying to stop detection and at least 1 live recorder is receiving data
- italian, brazilian, french translations updated
- protocols not supported displayed in user interface
- windows shutting down handle for social network form

VSO Downloader - Released April 16th 2013 
- HDS support integrated
- file name enhancer improved
- forms not on top when the application is always on top fixed
- French, Italian, Denmark, Poland, Brazil, Sweden, Netherlands updated

VSO Downloader - Released February 26th 2013 
- HDS protocol integrated: even more sites supported
- EVE driver parameters updated for better performance
- new dialogue to add url to secure stream list when download fails
- items reloaded fixed
- Translations updated: Italian, German, Polish, Czech

VSO Downloader - Released February 11th 2013 
- HTTP download accelerator enhanced
- auto renamer improved
- Google play support
- Auto switch the driver if detection failed
- storage folder checked
- Italian, German, Polish, Brazilian, Denmark, French, Czech, updated

VSO Downloader - Released January 24th 2013 
-EVE driver integration: better compatibility with USB modem/3G...
-IPv6 support
-minor issues in user interface corrected
-subtitles can now be added to conversion
-RTMP dll updated
-SSL support improved
-theme compatible with Windows 8 by default

VSO Downloader - Released December 10th 2012 
-handle meta data of Shoutcast protocol
-detection of HTTP recorder improved
-Iphone 5 conversion profile added
-UI & settings cleaned
-vsorep updated
-search engine added to log
-deactivate wininet online checking (not safe with XP sp3 customer)

VSO Downloader - Released November 30th 2012 
-shoutcast meta data supported
-fix HTTP request path on some XP
-Danish translation added
-Brazilian translation updated
-vsorep updated

VSO Downloader - Released November 28th 2012 
-live recorder added, more sites supported
-all shoutcast support by live recorder

-always on top option added
-new log integrated
-youtube & download accelerator modules deleted
-HTTP expiration increased to 30s
-AMF parser extended
-prevent loop with 1st RTMP download that only supports live mode
-new installer
-settings path updated to programdata
-columns settings saved in the main interface
-Swedish & Czech translation added

VSO Downloader - Released October 24th 2012 
- more sites supported

VSO Downloader - Released October 16th 2012 
- support of HTTP bandwidth limitation updated
- RTMP socket callback added
- Conversion selector compatible with all themes
- IPAD conversion improved

VSO Downloader - Released October 9th 2012 
- frame rate detection fixed, corrects conversion errors
- do not save log setting added

VSO Downloader - Released October 4th 2012 
- RTMP detection extended
- video/audio remuxer added
- Auto adjust bitrate
- Generic MP4/H264 profile added
- Xvid profile fixed
- Portuguese, Italian, Brazilian, Russian translated updated

VSO Downloader - Released September 24th 2012
-downloads not displaying in interface (may seem as not detected)
-CX description updated to not create confusion
-UI integration of Network inspector improved
-Ads manager added
-button to restore some settings individually added
-log of the NIC verbosed

VSO Downloader - Released September 14th 2012
- YouTube detection problem corrected
- conversion problem corrected related to extention

VSO Downloader - Released September 11th 2012

-NIC detection supports application minimized
-Updater fixed
-Brazilian, German, Italian, Netherland updated

VSO Downloader - Released September 10th 2012
- option to delete real file fixed

VSO Downloader - Released September 7th 2012

-advanced NIC detection form added
-possibility to reinstall the driver added
-restart after uninstall
-display tray balloon when detecting ads
-check driver status when starting detection
-file name enhancer improved for short name & brackets supported
-deleting item improved

Italian translation updated

VSO Downloader - Released August 29th 2012
- Converter: audio normalization added
- Bug corrected: sometimes audio poorly was converted
- File name enhancer improved: all HTML entities supported
- Unicode supported in RTMP

VSO Downloader - Released August 21th 2012
- special characters support improved for the RTMP handshake

VSO Downloader - Released August 20th 2012

- Selection of the conversion profile fixed
- German, Italian and Turkish translations updated

VSO Downloader - Released August 8th 2012
-Speed & Remaining time now dispalyed for all items
-RTMP: Ultra buffer added
-Display driver tool form if driver is not running at launch up
-converter updated
-FFMPEG DLLs version added to log
-conversion priority is set to "Lower normal" by default
-Document name enhancer improved
-Protocol not supported added in the UI
-HTTP socket fixed for special cases
-Czech, Italian and Taiwan translations updated

VSO Downloader - Released July 30th 2012
-Detection & inspection of the NICs improved
-Czech, Italian, and Arabic translations updated

VSO Downloader - Released July 26th 2012
- setting to launch app minimized added
- user interface improved
- more sites supported
- auto file renaming improved
- queue manager improved

VSO Downloader - Released July 19th 2012

-Custom conversion profile for each downloaded file
-All traffic analyzed except ports listed in the settings
-Conversion with VP8 engine improved
-Conversion: resume & stop fixed
-Minor fix for download accelerator
-Support new site with specific range

Translations updated:
-Czech, Germany, Dutch

VSO Downloader - Released July 13th 2012
-more HTTP sites supported
-RTMP resume improved
-fix extension from probe
-detection of the filename improved
-overall performance improved 

VSO Downloader - Released July 9th 2012
-Recorder improved
-More sites supported

VSO Downloader - Released June 21st 2012
- updated for internal tracking

VSO Downloader - Released June 19th 2012
-Network driver monitoring added
-Auto fill unknown extension

VSO Downloader - Released June 19th 2012

- Manual file renaming improved (using F2)
- LibRtmp updated

VSO Downloader - Released June 8th 2012
- detection of RTMP duration fixed
- fix for downloads that sometimes stopped before being complete

VSO Downloader - Released June 1st 2012
-Conversion priority added 
-Size & position of the application saved
-Apple profile use MPEG-4 for better compatibility
-Mobile Phone conversion profile added (3GP)  
-Taiwanese translation updated

VSO Downloader - Released May 17th 2012
- more RTMP sites supported
- Apple conversion profiles added (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV)
- Czech, German translations updated

VSO Downloader - Released May 11th 2012
- RTMP HD supported
- RTMP playlist supported
- RTMP cams supported
- librtmp.dll updated: new sites supported
- zlib1.dll added

VSO Downloader - Released May 4th 2012
- Detection and setting for duplicated streams added
- HTTP recorder supports new sites
- MPEG4 profile added in the video converter
- Simultaneous download limitation removed
- Czech translation updated

VSO Downloader - Released April 30th 2012
-RTMP & HTTP recorder implemented
-Stop recording added in the user interface
-Avi H264 profile added
-supports a lot of new sites: AMF parser extended for multi objects & extra parameters
-handling an error if the NIC has been modified and the driver is in error
-new socket error code supported
-auto check every time that the NIC is connected to Internet
-HTTP location change Improved

VSO Downloader - Released April 20th 2012
HTTP download in mono part supports large timeout
-Default HTTP timeout sets to 120 seconds
-Downloads stopping at 75% fixed 
-Default RTMP retrying count to reconnect to stream sets to 101 times
-Allow "text/html" accept filed to be inspected
-Icons added for the video profile selector
-German & Arabic updated

VSO Downloader - Released April 18th 2012
-Video converter added: AVI Xvid profile available
-Play & play with VSO Media Player added in the popup menu of the item
-Specials rules added to compute the content range of the HTTP Downloader
-Limitation of HTTP multi parts download improved: just download the half of the parts in order to preserve the linearity of the stream
-do not inspect HTTP stream  containing "image & text/html" in the accept field when the detected mime is APPLICATION/OCTET-STREAM

VSO Downloader - Released April 13th 2012
- detection on POST query detected 2 times fixed
- Pause disabled for HTTP POST download
- Socket loops while checking the download supported
- File size displayed in the UI improved

VSO Downloader - Released April 12th 2012
-multi parts improved
-remove seek parameter of many hosts
-percent done fixed  
-Detection of the download acceleration limit improved
-Detection of the medias with a Web page mime fixed
-German, Arabic, and Netherland translation updated

VSO Downloader - Released April 5th 2012
-download limitation integrated in the downloaders
-HTTP downloader: timer events Improved
-conversion context assign cleaned
-RTMP resumed while launching
-cancel() of media converter improved

VSO Downloader - Released March 28rd 2012
- do not automatically download corrected
- Youtube detection improved
- audio converter improved
- new RTMP sites supported
- ads filter improved
- new items added to tray icon
- port 182 & 8080 added by default
- Macedonian added
- Arabic/Norwegian updated
- signature updated

VSO Downloader - Released February 20th 2012
- RTMP supported
- Does not restart the download automatically if the part size looks to be not completed when the socket status code is 200
- Network driver status checked, if it is not starting automatically display a message
- While uninstalling ask to also uninstall the network driver
- Italian added
- Ignored extension improved
- Brazilian & Arabian updated
- start/stop detection added to file menu
- ad blocker improved

VSO Downloader - Released January 30th 2012
- last file downloaded is now always visible
- recording multi HTTP stream in a single socket fixed
- ignored extensions improved
- all forms centered from the Main one
- German, Dutch and Czech updated

VSO Downloader - Released January 23rd 2012
- MP3 Converter improved
- prevent HTTP stream overload in a single socket
- new option to auto add port forwarding
- prevent a TCP segmentation offloading
- ID3 parser added - UI improved and cleaned
- Language updated: French, Germany, Czech
- fix windows theme on XP

VSO Downloader - Released January 18th 2012

Pro version exists:
- allows access to MP3 high quality audio conversion
- better stream detection

Other version improvements include
- Method POST implemented
- YouTube compatibility improved
- Component not fully repainted on XP fixed
- Column "elapsed time" hidden by default
- Unable to close application fixed
- Language added: Spanish  and Turkish
- Language updated: Czech, Chinese, Estonia

VSO Downloader - Released December 20th 2011
- small interface adjustments (wording)

VSO Downloader - Released December 16th 2011

New feature: Audio converter integrated

- Netherlands updated
- Brazil updated
- Slovenia updated
- Czech updated
- Various minor bugs fixed

VSO downloader - Released November 30th 2011
- NIC auto detection improved
- RBS extension added in mime types
- Arabic updated
- brazil updated
- Polish updated
- Czech updated

VSO downloader - Released November 24th 2011
- Arabic added
- Slovenian added
- Jordanian added
- Do not install WinPcap if it is already installed
- Correctly uninstall roaming info

VSO downloader - Released November 21st 2011
- User interface themes added in settings
- Norwegian addedrn
- German updated
- Georgian added

VSO downloader - Released November 17th 2011
- German added
- Russian updated
- clicking on red X closes application instead of sending to tray

VSO downloader - Released November 9th 2011
- Windows compatibility of the network driver improved
- Russia added
- Dutch added
- Czech added
- fix auto close app on shutdown
- vpx & msi extensions added to the ignore list

VSO downloader - Released November 5th 2011
-Youtube downloader HD added
-Ogg & ObjectVideo added in mimes
-Estonian added
-Chinese updated
-fix balloon hint link on error
-Various minor bugs fixed

VSO downloader - Released October 28th 2011
- New interface supporting the themes
- Filtering network adapter detection with WMI
- All translations cleaned
- Slovenia added
- Brazilian updated
- improve WMI in order to support each version of windows
- support case when there is no active Internet connection
- always detect adapter when launched

VSO downloader - Released October 18th 2011
- improve serialization of the download items
- polish updated
- logo updated

VSO downloader -  Released September 29th 2011
-spanish updated
-ignored extension improved

VSO downloader -  Released September 27th 2011
- VsoRep reporting has been integrated (available in help menu)
- clean UI
- improve adapter detection
- chinese added
- Greece added
- Brazilian updated

VSO downloader -  Released September 21st 2011
- transalation module updated / editloc
-added in Windows firewall rules
-add new updater
-add Thank you page
-add Spanish
-fix brazilian
-improve auto detection of the online network adapter + verbose log
-dont detect anymore the .bin extension
-improve portable settings (change path of hosters.ini (Roaming) -> Program Files)
-not installing IE activeX anymore
-add reg key for VSOClean
-verbose settings when loading
-fix main logs filename
-rename file hosters.ini into ht.ini
-check & create if needed output folder for each download
-VsoRep reporting has been integrated (available in help menu)

VSO downloader -  Released September 7th 2011
-fix brazilian
-french updated
-upgrade editLoc
-add spanish
-improve auto detection of the online network adapter + verbose log

VSO downloader -  Released September 2nd 2011
0004772: invalid HTML encoded character in the filename
0004786: get filename from Content-Disposition TCP field
0004787: When download is trying again, progression bar shouldn't be green
-add traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
-add how to translate software
-fix identical file name renaming
-add new file name detection based on the referrer page title
-add Brazilian
-Improve unicode support when auto-renaming file
-improve state file names
-remove download item in "media detected" status when closing app
-add help balloon hint at first use
-add setting to display advanced download feature: download direct + link analyzer

VSO downloader -  Released August 26th 2011
0004787: When download is trying again, progression bar shouldn't be green
0004772: invalid HTML encoded character in the filename
0004786: get filename from Content-Disposition TCP field

VSO downloader -  Released August 24th 2011
-don't detect streaming from EXE or CAB files
-add tutorial & first detection URL
-add a "retrying again" status in the UI
-add a message when opening a file that does not exist anymore
-active clipboard monitoring: by default set to false
-check hosters with the full host name
-improve the adapters detection

VSO downloader -  Released August 11th 2011
-Hoster.ini updated
-fix localize for VT of settings
-Update french
-add localise
-clean error file when closing App
-force to check if a download can resume before to pause it
-add media detected status
-add new translations
-fix UI for multi-language
-improve ShellOpenFile, now add the directory
-improve ShellOpenFile, now add the directory
-active clipboard monitoring
-add languages in the settings
-add french languagern-update ads filter
-add mutex to check if the app is launched when you install it

VSO downloader -  Released August 8th 2011
-Add icons
-fix octect-stream file name
-add link to forum & video converter
-update UI: disable not yet implement features
-now take in consideration the field IsMultiPart of the DB excepted in debug mode when the option to force it is checked
-add the missing dot in the file name of the detected media
-fix change file extension when coming from streaming source
-fix link analyzer
-fix download queue
-auto force extension when renaming without one
-skip *.cab extension in the detection
-fix in UI: confirmation popup & move max download settings in the general tab-fix close app
-fix part limit exceeded
-save each part once Done
-move HosterCollection in the settings
-fix 2x dot in the file name of U_Stream_Inspector.pas
-fix loads in U_Serial_Collection.pas
-addUI for the AD blocker in the settings
-on create MAIN: catch all exceptions of the creates
-change constructor of TVSOSniffer: remove settings structure
-add download status for streaming -add new function to rename file
-fix max simultaneous download & time to wait for file hoster
-re-arrange the startdownload function
- Add Ads blocker
-force new mimes type to be loaded
-fix auto rename
-integration of the hosters settings
-TCP parser: clean content type field -> remove the charset
-fix hosters settings
-fix rename output file name on finishing
-replace file name by host when length > 100 characters
-fix checking download without any time limit
-add missing mimes types for audio
-fix max reconnection exceeded on relocation
-improve remove file & logs
-remove output FilePath from MP: now using the filePathTmp
-improve socket timeout in MP mode: 30s
-fix stream inspector: allow content length not defined & find correct ext

VSO downloader -  Released August 3rd 2011
-fix max reconnection exceeded on relocation
-improve remove file & logs
-remove output FilePath from MP: now using the filePathTmp
-improve socket timeout in MP mode: 30s
-fix stream inspector: allow content length not defined & find correct ext

VSO downloader -  Released July 29th 2011
Add Streaming detection:
-Auto detect online adapter
-Auto detect port forwarding for any Proxies/VPNs
-fix the auto restart on checking header
-Support Wireless

-Add socket timeout
-Fix duplicate download in the ActiveX for IE
-Files can be renamed in the UI
-Add the full progression in the task bar (Only supported by Windows 7)

Add a new setting interface
Add ports to monitor in the UI  
Auto rename file with the detected extension
Improve abort: now checking the socket status
Handle the octet-stream mime type for the file name extension

Link Analyzer has been removed. The first public versions VSO Download will focus on streaming.  Once more file hosting sites are supported, link analyzer might be reintegrated.

VSO downloader -  Released June 20th 2011
- 0004521: [Feature Request] add balloon hints to settings ( on or off) (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0004524: [Bug] v1.0.1.0 link analyzer not working (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0004518: [Bug] faulty detection of PDF downloads with IE (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0004516: [Bug] v1.0.0.8 Does not respect items selected to download (benjamin) - resolved.
- add timeout when parsing any Web filern

VSO downloader -  Released June 9th 2011
- Fix ActiveX Unicode in IE DLL
- add timeout in URL Analyzer
- support service unavailable (503) on HEAD: restart automatically after X seconds
- improve limitation detection of hosters

Fix installer:
- unregister then delete ActiveX on uninstall

VSO downloader -  Released June 1st 2011
- filtering incoming data during relocation

VSO downloader -
- 0004488: [Bug] Downloaded file size error (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0004428: [Bug] crtl A + pause button does not work (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0004435: [Bug] v. settings windows like this example (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0004389: [Bug] cannot open clipboard: acces refusé. (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0004432: [Information] interface wording ( letters too close together) (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0004400: [Bug] Links Analyzer: collapse on deleting item (benjamin) - resolved.
- handles downloads from Internet Explorer (as download manager)

VSO downloader - 
- switch to treeview settings
- fix log path
- fix Links analyzer when deleting sub-items
- now just analyze out links

VSO downloader -
- 0004390: [Bug] different minor text corrections on the interface (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0004421: [Bug] interface bug and sometimes access violation when right clicking to download a file in link analyzer tab (benjamin) - resolved.
- 0004418: [Feature Request] storage of default log files (benjamin) - resolved.

VSO downloader -
- fix Links analyzer refresh of the list
- improve main & Links analyzer interface
- support new http status : 301

VSO Downloader - Change Log

VSO Downloader - (Released 2011-05-19)
- 1st public release for forum