How to create a new menu template

Create a menu template and save it to be able to use over and over again!

To create a new menu template go to Menu Options | Create new template

open menu editor

or if you have added a video already to ConvertXtoDVD you can click Edit Menu and here you can select Create new Theme

access menu editor

Either way you open the template editor you will see you also have the option to edit and existing template and save it definitely with the changes you prefer.

There are two main steps when creating a new menu template. The 1st step is setting up the basic foundation work for your menu, the bare bones if you will. This 1st step is also the only place you can change the display item mode, navigation mode, and structure type or pages to be generated. Once you click on Nextyou cannot go back to step 1. The 2nd step (after you press Next) will allow you to adjust the individual items composing your menu.

In the 1st step you will see two tabs: Global settings and Individual Page Settings.Under Global settings select the structure type and model you would like to base your menu on as well as any other changes in the various sections. You can see your changes live as you go in the preview window on the right. It could be a good idea just to play around with all the settings and see what the different options look like in the preview window and start a new menu once you've got a feel for all the different types of things you can change!

To understand the General menu structure proposed by VSO Software check out this section of this guide, titled "2. Menu Types - Structure explained".

Some details in regards to the Global Settings tab.
The first step in the Global Settings tab is to select the structure type.
Determine here the type of project you want to make a customized menu for: is it a single movie, or more than one video? Then select the structure type according to what you want to do. You have these choices:

Open Style: if you want to control every detail, these templates are fully customizable and have no limitations structure wise

Series: Designed to display more than one video, so perfect for series episodes for instance

Movie: If you only have one video in your project (the menu will display only one movie, if you have other video files , they will be accessible through the Bonus section.)

Then you can select a "starting model" in the drop down list, so you really don't have to start on a blank slate.

Here are some details on the less evident settings you will find:

"Fonts" section

- The fonts displayed are the one installed already on your computer.
- The option Base size allows you to proportionally increase or decrease the text used in all the menu templates. You can do fine tuning in the next step.
- Title and decorations color: refers to the color to be applied to items in the menu which are not selectable (the title of the page)
- Interactive color: refers to the color to be applied to items in the menu which are selectable with your remote control (like the videos to play or the audio stream you will select). Having a different color for interactive and non interactive items helps visually to understand a menu page and where the selector will move when navigating with your remote control.

"How the selectable items will be displayed" section

- Thumbnail frame, mask and button overlay: you can select one of these in the drop down list or add your own desired item.
A fun trick is to select the thumbnail frame and then press the red X to the right of that, you get the back to appear giving your video thumbnails a new shape but without the frame in case you would prefer that.


- the overlay color is the color a selectable menu item will appear when you use your remote control, when you "go to it". When you press "enter" and select it to play or "go to" this is the "active" color

build menu
(view image above full size)

If you want specific pages of the menu to be different then click onIndividual Page Settings and adjust accordingly.

For example maybe you want the display of the thumbnails to be positioned differently in the title page compared to the chapter page and also have different thumbnail frames. For this I started making my changes in the Global settings tab and then selected the "chapters page" in the Individual settings tab and made the desired changes:

Examples of what can be done in the 2nd step,resize menu elements, change placement of items, edit menu duration, background audio, change the text style, add decoration elements, etc.


Once you have made the changes you'd like in step 1 and 2 then in the bottom right when clicking onFinish you will be prompted to save your template.
Below I've entered some personalized text to help me identify at a later time my template.

save template

The option "Copy resources to template folder" makes this template "portable". You can share it with friends or zip it and publish it on the forum and other users who import this folder to the location where other menu templates are stored for their VSO app can use your menu template too!
Path for this is C:\ProgramData\VSO\ConvertXToDVD (or whatever VSO program)\7 (version)\Templates. (see section below "Use the new menu created in another VSO product" for more info)

"Use this template as default" will pre-load this menu so that your next conversions will use the new template you've created!

Here is an example of my final result

final result

Shortcuts and other tips:

Click on the ? icon in the upper right hand corner of the template editor to see various tips and shortcuts that exist. Here they are below.

quick tips

selection edition

text tags

Use the new menu created in another VSO product

In the example above I have checked to "Open the template's location folder" as I will copy this template made in ConvertXtoDVD so I can use it in ConvertXtoVideo (application closed).

output of menu created

Now open the other VSO program and see the new menu listed:

new menu in another vso app