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comment Outstanding, works as stated and will buy. comment
Richard 17 March 2017 Leia mais...
comment very good product,and very highly satisfied comment
Rocco Napolitano 16 March 2017 Leia mais...
comment I have finally found software for converting camcorder film to DVD which produces great results and doesn't require a Phd in computer science to operate. comment
Andrew 15 March 2017 Leia mais...
comment Love this software have been on board for lots of years since version 3. Has helped me dup my band shows on DVD for sale made copies to make masters comment
Lucky Johnston 12 March 2017 Leia mais...
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José António Moreira Lucas 12 March 2017 Leia mais...
comment ConvertXtoDVD7 is an EXCELLENT program for the users who like to create theyr own home DVD-movie library. Very sofisticated interface, at the same time it is very... comment
Mykhaylo 11 March 2017 Leia mais...
comment Seems a lot faster than 6 comment
Ian 04 March 2017 Leia mais...
comment thanks comment
Nolito noli malamanig 04 March 2017 Leia mais...
comment Easy to use and quick. I would recommend *****. comment
Roisin 03 March 2017 Leia mais...
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Jimmy 25 February 2017 Leia mais...
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Drew 25 February 2017 Leia mais...
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Greg Shanahan 24 February 2017 Leia mais...
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Ed James 14 February 2017 Leia mais...
comment Great! After so many searches for solution, this is AWESOME!!! Thank you! comment
MM 09 February 2017 Leia mais...
comment Very good product, had a lot features that I found missing in other products, like making menus with extras and ability to select subtitles from the menu. comment
Ken Nakagawa 07 February 2017 Leia mais...
comment software very easy to work with. comment
Kent 07 February 2017 Leia mais...
comment This software provides a simple way of getting your dvd and conversion needs taken care of in one simple package. comment
Jeffery H. 03 February 2017 Leia mais...
comment I like this product because it is easy to use and converts video file formats such as .avi and .mkv files to DVD well. Thank you. comment
Dominic A Casey 28 January 2017 Leia mais...
comment I am very pleased with the product. It is sophisticated but also easy and intuitive for basic operations. It is well worth the price to have a transcoder free of... comment
Richard 27 January 2017 Leia mais...
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Dannee Fullerton 26 January 2017 Leia mais...
comment I purchased this product in December. It was very easy to install and use. The quality of the convered DVD's are excellent. I would highly recommend this product. . comment
Tom Taylor 24 January 2017 Leia mais...
comment Great program. Four stars because it wouldn't extract subtitles from .ts files. I found a free program CCExtractor GUI 0.84 for getting the subtitles. The cut... comment
Dale Ebert 23 January 2017 Leia mais...
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Pastor John 23 January 2017 Leia mais...
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GEoff 22 January 2017 Leia mais...
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John walker 21 January 2017 Leia mais...
comment very happy with the product. first got it about 5 years or so. never upgraded til recently and should have upgraded it a long time ago. better menus etc. comment
Michelle 20 January 2017 Leia mais...
comment When bought this software I wasn't sure what to expect since i burn movies home use only for my grad children to watch. I was pleasantly surprised with the convertXtoDVD.... comment
Gary Smith 20 January 2017 Leia mais...
comment Simply the fastest , most consistent software of it's kind, on the market! I am very happy with the product!!! comment
Rich Bandoni 20 January 2017 Leia mais...
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Graham Atchison 08 November 2016 Leia mais...
comment Bangin software (i.e., the Gold Standard) for file conversion to dvd, it just doesn't get any better. Joe comment
JOE 07 November 2016 Leia mais...
Excellent quality Editing options 1 Click Conversion Menu Creation

Supports all video formats

supported formats
Veja todos os formatos
  • Input
  • Output
  • Popular

    AviSynth Script

    Digital Video Recording


    High Definition Video

    Flash Video



    MPEG-4 / QuickTime

    Nullsoft Video

    Ogg Vorbis / Theora

    Real Media (with external DLL)

    Windows Media


    Free Lossless Audio Codec


    Monkey's Audio

    MPEG Audio

    MPEG-4 Audio


    Ogg Vorbis / Theora

    Real Media / Real Audio


    Internal and external subtitles supported: with color and font selection, and supports tags like italic, bold. Turn on/off with DVD player remote control.



    - Subtitles in MOV files
    - DVB Subtitles
    - DVD Subtitles
    - Blu-ray Subtitles
  • Vídeo:
    • Padrão DVD
      Compatível com qualquer DVD player, composto de:
      Pasta Audio_TS (sempre vazia)
      Pastas Video_TS (com arquivos BUP, IFO, VOB)
    • AC-3, 5.1 canais
    • AC-3 2 canais
    • MPEG, estéreo
    • DVDsub (ativadas pelo menu ou por controle remoto)
    • PAL / NTSC
    • 4:3 / 16:9
    • Full D1, Broadcast D1, Half D1 e Resoluções SIF
    • DVD +/- R
    • DVD +/- RW
    • DVD +/- DL
    • Saída ISO disponível, cria uma imagem no hard drive(HD)

    *ConvertXtoDVD inclue um mecanismo de gravação e pode gravar qualquer tipo de DVD. Recomenda-se o uso de mídias de marcas de qualidade, como Sony, Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden.
Easy to Use

Easy to Use

- For beginners and pros alike
- Preview window, see changes live
- Fail proof
- Works in 1 click: no experience needed


- Merge videos together
- Cut off unwanted parts of video
- Pad & Crop
- Rotate image
- Video/Audio/Subtitle synchronisation
Perfect Quality

Perfect Quality

- Image enhancer wizard
- Brightness / Contrast / Luminosity control
- Special filters for impressive results
- Quality advisor
Menu Creation

Menu Creation

- Use a pre-made or custom menu
- Full customization: edit background videos
     and audio, duration, animation, etc.
- Save menu templates
- Intro video option, plays before main menu
Subtitles & Chapters

Subtitles & Chapters

- Advanced subtitle support (soft or hard)
- Text editor for extreme customization
- Add copyright / watermark
- Add chapters
Fast Conversions

Fast Conversions

- Hardware decoding
- Simultaneous conversions
- Multi-core support
Pro Features

Pro Features

- Convert to PAL or NTSC
- Fullscreen or widescreen
- Audio normalisation
- 2 pass encoding
- Batch converter
Burn or Save Anywhere

Burn or Save Anywhere

- Save to PC / transfer to USB
- Burn to DVD, watch on any DVD player
- Burn as ISO
- Burn multiple copies
- Compatible with any disks
Try our best AVI to DVD software

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