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comment I have been using this software from you for years and years and it is a perfect system. Always works and produces great DVDs to watch on TV. Keep up the great... comment
Adriana Baldari 14 June 2017 Leia mais...
comment This software is Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'am retired or i would buy it. Great stuff!!!! comment
Timothy B. 30 May 2017 Leia mais...
comment I absolutely love this. I don't know if there are alternatives to this, but I've never bothered to try. comment
Anand 29 May 2017 Leia mais...
comment Very good comment
Brang Tawng Ndau 26 May 2017 Leia mais...
comment Yay, I can finally make my slideshows to play in DVD players (Yes, some old folks still have those).. Love this! comment
TJ 25 May 2017 Leia mais...
comment Have used program for many years. It has always worked flawlessly, creating professional menus easily. Highly recommended comment
Mike Parfitt 24 May 2017 Leia mais...
comment A great program that does an excellent job of creating high quality DVD's. There are a lot of helpful options and configurations to get the result that you want. comment
Keith Ricketts 17 May 2017 Leia mais...
comment Very nice and friendly software comment
Jasan 15 May 2017 Leia mais...
comment very good software comment
SHANEEL 13 May 2017 Leia mais...
comment great software, the best at what it does in my opinion. comment
Marco 10 May 2017 Leia mais...
comment I've lived with various builds of ConvertXtoDVD since about 3.O, and I must say that 6.0 is a major improvement on the others--a similar interface, but with more... comment
JohnnyO 03 May 2017 Leia mais...
comment it works good comment
Chris cole 30 April 2017 Leia mais...
comment I am very grateful for the brilliant after sales service comment
Peter England 28 April 2017 Leia mais...
comment A MUST HAVE for anyone that want to create DVDs in an easy and professional way. Totally recommended. Really great program, thanks to all the team involved. comment
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OTW 31 March 2017 Leia mais...
comment So far I am liking the new things you have added to #7 updated. Glad I ordered and paid for #6 when I did for it was nice to get updated to #7 for being so close... comment
Glenn Johnston 31 March 2017 Leia mais...
comment Excellent!!! comment
Dale Neuenschwander 29 March 2017 Leia mais...
comment I love VSO! comment
Darlene 28 March 2017 Leia mais...
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Excellent quality Editing options 1 Click Conversion Menu Creation

Supports all video formats

supported formats
Veja todos os formatos
  • Formatos de entrada
  • Saída
  • Video Formats  Video Codecs    
    DVD Video, .ifo, .ts, .vob, .mpeg, .mpg, .m2p, .ps 
    Blu-ray, .m2ts
    AVCHD, .mts
    .avi, .divx, .xvid
    .iso, .img, .bin/.cue
    .mkv, .webm 
    .mov, .mp4, .m4v
    .ogg, .ogm
    .ram, .rm, .rmv, .rmvb, .rv
    .flv, .swf, .asf
    .wm, .wmr, .wmv 
    .3gp, .3g2
    .avs, .dat, .evo, .nsv
    .dvr-ms, .tod, .mod
    H.263, H.264, H265
    MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
    DivX, Xvid
    DV, VC-1
    Flash, FLV, Webm 
    VP6, VP7, VP8, VP9 
    MJPEG, meta-data
    Real Video 2/3/4
    TechSmith, Theora, Uncompressed, Cinepack, Cooker
    WMV V7, WMV 8, WMV 9
    Audio Formats Audio Codecs 
    .ac3, .dts
    .wav, .wma, .wave
    .ape, .au, .mka, .aif
    .mp1, .mp2, .mp3, .mpu, .mpa, .mpga
    .m4a, .ma4, .mpc
    .flac, .ogg
    .ra, .ram, .rm
    MP1, MP2, MP3
    FLAC, Monkey's Audio, WavPack
    Vorbis, Opus
    PCM, Uncompressed
    WMA 9, WMA Pro, WMA Voice
    .srt, sub
    .ass, .ssa
    .smi, .ssa
    DVB Subtitles
    DVD Subtitles
    Blu-ray Subtitles, PGS 
    MOV subtitle 

  • Video
    • DVD standard
      Compatible with any DVD player composed of: 
      Audio_TS folder (always empty)  
      Video_TS folders (with BUP, IFO, VOB files) 

    • AC-3, 5.1 channels
    • AC-3 2 channels
    • MPEG, stereo

    • DVDsub (activate in menu or with remote control)
    • or embedded

    • PAL / NTSC
    • 4:3 / 16:9
    • Full D1, Broadcast D1, Half D1 and SIF Resolutions

    • DVD +/- R
    • DVD +/- RW
    • DVD +/- DL
    *ConvertXtoDVD includes a burning engine and can burn to any type of DVD. Recommended quality brands are Sony and Verbatim.
    • ISO output available, create image on harddrive
Easy to Use

Easy to Use

- For beginners and pros alike
- Preview window, see changes live
- Fail proof
- Works in 1 click: no experience needed


- Merge videos together
- Cut off unwanted parts of video
- Pad & Crop
- Rotate image
- Video/Audio/Subtitle synchronisation
Perfect Quality

Perfect Quality

- Image enhancer wizard
- Brightness / Contrast / Luminosity control
- Special filters for impressive results
- Quality advisor
Menu Creation

Menu Creation

- Use a pre-made or custom menu
- Full customization: edit background videos
     and audio, duration, animation, etc.
- Save menu templates
- Intro video option, plays before main menu
Subtitles & Chapters

Subtitles & Chapters

- Advanced subtitle support (soft or hard)
- Text editor for extreme customization
- Add copyright / watermark
- Add chapters
Fast Conversions

Fast Conversions

- Hardware decoding
- Simultaneous conversions
- Multi-core support
Pro Features

Pro Features

- Convert to PAL or NTSC
- Fullscreen or widescreen
- Audio normalisation
- 2 pass encoding
- Batch converter
Burn or Save Anywhere

Burn or Save Anywhere

- Save to PC / transfer to USB
- Burn to DVD, watch on any DVD player
- Burn as ISO
- Burn multiple copies
- Compatible with any disks
Try our best AVI to DVD software

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35 MB
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*ConvertXtoDVD was previously named DivxToDVD.